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Backward - Arm Motion


Backwards Stride Keys
:  Begin and end each “C-cut” (push) with your skates directly under your body, side-by-side.  Bend your knees, pull your shoulders back, keep your head up and thrust your pushing foot (“C-cut”) out to “full extension”.  Keep your “glide foot” traveling in a straight line, directly under your body and do NOT ‘yo-yo’ your head up and down...make sure to keep your head up and level.  Watch our step-by-step Backward Skating videos to the right.

Bwd video 1

Bwd video 2

YOUR VIDEO!  This video was selected based on your BACKWARDS SKATING evaluation to help you understand a weakness that we observed. 

OVERACTIVE ARMS - We like to see when backward skating is a very calm upper body, and this includes our arms.  It is important that you do not lean to far forward and have your arms doing exaggerated movements during backward "C-Cuts".


Bwd - Arm Motion

The 3 Steps to Complete Backwards C-cuts

STEP #1:  Wind-up
Create grip by pivoting your pushing foot (almost) 90 degrees so that your toes nearly come together.  Place 100% of your body weight over the pivoted (pushing) foot on a deep inside edge.

STEP #2:  Push to Full Extension
From your established pushing foot, thrust in a "C" pattern with 100% of your body weight over that pushing foot until it reaches full extension (leg is locked).  At this precise moment, your body weight transfers from your pushing foot to your gliding foot (under your body).

STEP #3:  Recovery
Your pushing foot returns (in a 'C' pattern) back under your body so that your gliding leg can load and explode.  Repeat... Strive for long, complete 'C -cuts' that ALWAYS reach full extension.

Videos highlighting Backwards Skating common MISTAKES

Mistakes - Backwards Skating

Mistakes - Backwards Crossover Start

Videos highlighting PROPER Backwards Skating technique and creative Backwards Skating drills to help continue your skills development.

Practice Drill

Bwd Competition

Bwd Xover Start