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California Hockey Camps

Sorry, at this time, we do not have any 2020 Summer Camps scheduled for California.

Get Ready for Camp!

All New ELITE Summer SuperCamp format
All 2020 Programs are ELITE workshops specifically designed for enthusiastic players who are serious about improving their hockey skills.  These ELITE camps follow the same format and methods we use when training NHL and European professional players.

What we expect from each student
Players should arrive each day excited about the opportunity to weave their dreams and hard work with Planet Hockey's globally acclaimed hockey skills training program.  We are committed to motivating each Planet Hockey student to move from simply being involved, to taking responsibility for their own skills learn to love to train! 

We have found that hockey parents too are committed and share in our expectation that when investing in a hockey camp, players should learn and develop athletically as much as possible all while growing their love and enthusiasm for the game.  We help ensure a fun and challenging camp with maximum skill development through our exclusive Pre-camp Preparation Workbook and Post-camp Player Profile & Action Plan.

Planet Hockey Development Model - The Planet Hockey Difference
Research suggests and we concur, that hockey players receive significantly more personal skill development through station-based training when compared to traditional, full-ice team practices.  The Planet Hockey Development Model employs station-based training to teach the latest techniques and systems focused on individual player development.

When you add skilled, motivated, energetic, "role-model" coaches along with a location filled with world-class accommodations, meals and activities, you create an environment where skill development and personal growth is maximized.  Welcome to Planet Hockey!

Our Model is player-centric and specifically designed not to be age-specific, rather skill-specific.  Players are placed into smaller sub groups based on current skill level then assigned a customized instructional syllabus designed to maximize individual confidence and long-term athletic development.

Planet Hockey will educate, motivate, support and develop players in an age-appropriate, high-energy environment that keeps them focused, entertained and passionate about what they are learning.

Who should attend?
Simply put, players of ALL levels who want to improve their skills and have more fun! 

To experience the true magic of the game, players must be willing to explore their own strengths, weaknesses and the effectiveness of their training approach.  Planet Hockey is an ELITE training program that will guide players through the exciting process of attaining hockey excellence.  Any player who wants to improve and who is committed to that result will benefit greatly from our professional training approach. Are you ready to join the 5,000 aspiring hockey players worldwide, who will take the Planet Hockey Camp Challenge this summer? 

Summer Camp Features

STP - Supplemental Training Program
Players LOVE this optional 'add on' program that is offered at most summer camp locations.  Receive 4 additional hours of on ice skills training that will conveniently extend your day by 1 hour.  Format - European Flow and Timing Drills (hi-tempo skating, stickhandling, passing & scoring).  Learn how to THINK the game and SEE the ice.  All players grouped by skill level.  Planet Hockey Instructors join players in many of these creative drills to control timing.  This popular program fills quickly and is exclusive to Planet Hockey.  Goalies welcome (limit 4).  Limited to 32 total players.  Watch video >>

Early Registration Special (5 Day SUPER Camps) - Extended to 1/31/20
Register by 1/31/20 and have the option to register with a $99 deposit.  Balance not due until 60 days prior to camp, PLUS receive your camp discount.  You must enter a valid camp coupon code to qualify - click link below to find your camp coupon code.  Register before camp fills and receive any applicable camp discount.  Discounts vary by camp and are date sensitive.   Find your camp & register now >  |  Find your coupon code >

On Ice Skills Training Session - Daily
Players receive our innovative "Progressive Phase" TOTAL Player Development Skills Training Syllabus.  To maximize skills development, we teach in small groups, broken down by age & skill level.  Each station highlights a critical hockey skill and allows for high repetition and 1 on 1 instruction.

Small Games - Daily
Players will conclude each day with fun/competitive Small Games.  We select creative age and skill appropriate Small Games drills that simulate game situations.  Players benefit from increased 'puck possession' and time directly involved in game situations.  This format accelerates confidence and skills growth by exposing players to repetitive game situation battles and is the ideal conclusion to a great day of skills training.

Player Profile & Skills Assessment
We go the extra Mile!  Players are observed and evaluated throughout camp and their current skill set will be documented in the form of our exclusive Electronic Player Profile, which will be emailed at the conclusion of camp.  Our staff will use this 'snap-shot' to develop an Action Plan by outlining specific areas that most need attention.  Plus, each player receives professional skills training video clips to provide an ongoing training reference.  view sample video clips

Focus Sessions - Daily
We teach advanced hockey concepts.  To maximize comprehension, each day begins and ends with a group focus session where we outline and further explain instructed concepts and preview the remaining curriculum.

S.P.R.A.L. Program
Self-evaluation / Preparation / Responsibility / Accountability / Leadership
Planet Hockey expects each student to arrive at camp prepared to learn, work and to do the little things necessary to improve their skills.  Players will learn the importance of individual and team self-evaluation, preparation, responsibility, accountability and leadership (SPRAL).  Each player will receive a pre-camp electronic workbook 4-6 weeks prior to camp, to help prepare for a challenging week of hockey training.  This level of commitment will be supported by our pro-active approach to teaching & learning complex hockey concepts.

P.E.P. - Parent Education Program
You pay, you DESERVE a pleasant return on your hockey investment.  We encourage parents to take an educated/pro-active role in their child's hockey journey.  4-6 weeks prior to camp, we will email your pre-camp preparation workbook along with a short 'parent video' suggesting ways to prepare your player to get the most out of camp.  Together, we can make a huge difference in your child's hockey journey!

Top Quality Staff
The quality of Planet Hockey's 'role model', certified staff is unmatched and is comprised of passionate coaches handpicked from throughout the world.  Our student to instructor ratio is 5 to 1 or better with extensive small group and individual (one on one) skills instruction. Our educational philosophies and teaching approaches maximize student motivation, development and love of the game.  more >>

Camp Rep Program - Join the Planet Hockey Team!
Seeking enthusiastic hockey parents & coaches - Help promote Planet Hockey in your area.  Planet Hockey Bonus/Incentive Program - earn discounts, scholarships or a free Planet Hockey camp.  For all details, click here >>

Camp Jersey
Planet Hockey Summer camp students receive a free official camp jersey.  Players may upgrade to our pro-weight, custom sublimated SUPER jersey...special pricing and free shipping available during online registration.  View jerseys >>

Goaltenders & Shooters Sessions
Goaltenders - throughout the camp, as the syllabus, group dynamics and drill selection permits, goaltenders will receive goaltender specific training in small groups & stations, from a certified goaltending instructor.  Additionally, goaltenders will benefit from periodic 4v4 games, small games and scrimmages, where each goaltender will have their 'own net'.  Each Session limited to 4 goaltenders, goaltenders receive a $100 discount.  more >>
Shooters - players will receive additional on ice shooting & scoring instruction throughout the week, in conjunction with the goaltending sessions and small games training.

Girls are welcome at all Planet Hockey Camps and we are pleased to see more and more girls each summer!  We will have incredible female coaches at all camps.