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Forward - Recovery


Forward Stride Keys:  Begin & end every stride with your feet directly under your body (in the “V” position) with 90 degree knee bend.  Load 100% of your body wt. over the pushing foot & thrust to full extension.  Keep your head up and LEVEL.  Since you skate forward 80+% of the time, make sure to develop proper forward skating mechanics.  Correct forward skating mechanics and the repetition of those correct techniques, will also improve ALL other skating areas such as backwards, cross-unders and starts.  Learn to love to skate!  Watch our step-by-step Forward Skating video to the right.

Forward Stride

YOUR VIDEO!  This video was selected based on your FORWARD SKATING evaluation to help you understand a weakness that we observed. 

HEEL KICK / RECOVERY - There are times when you use your hamstrings to pull your foot up in the air towards your backside during your recovery.  We would really like to see you use that low to the ice, smooth recovery.



The 3 Steps to the Forward Stride

STEP #1:  Wind-up
Create grip by bending your knees and pivoting your toes and knees out in a "V" position, with both feet directly under your body.  Then, place 100% of your body weight over the pushing foot on a deep inside edge.

STEP #2:  Push
Once you have established your grip in your Wind-up, thrust that pushing let, with 100% of your body weight, until it is fully extended (locked/straight), finishing with a 'toe snap'.  It is at this point that your weight transfers to your other (directional) foot.

STEP #3:  Full Extension
When your pushing leg is fully extended, you are reached the end of your have maximized your thrust and traveling distance.  Now RETURN your extended foot back to the "V" (Wind-up) position and repeat with the opposite leg.

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