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Terrific job this week! Being a goaltender is one of the toughest positions in all of sports – it requires focus, athleticism, coordination, and a healthy competitive spirit.
Perhaps the greatest asset a goalie can possess (aside from a strong mind), is an outstanding command of their skating ability and body strength & control.  It is often said that elite goalies are among the best skaters on the ice. Goaltenders must have the ability to move laterally and horizontally in an instant, maintaining balance and being in complete control of their technique, at all times.
Good skating ability allows goalies to achieve better angles and depth (view video to the right). What separates a professional goalie from an amateur goalie, is their ability to achieve the desired angle and depth on EVERY shot they face, which is only achieved after the goalie develops a refined skating ability and awareness of their positioning (angle and depth).

Goaltender Video Tips - 8 mins

Continue to work on your skating – T-Glides, Shuffles, forward and backward C-Cuts. Remember, every movement you perform should be executed in your basic stance: head and chest upright, stick on the ice, slight knee bend, and in balance, ready to change direction at any moment.  Keep the puck in front of you and enjoy this amazing position and our amazing sport!

International Goaltending Programs - Planet Hockey, Inc.

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