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What they have to say...

Planet Hockey Ranch Testimonials

Thank you for sharing your great experiences!

Over the past 16 years, we have been privileged to have met so many fantastic hockey people and to have had so many amazing hockey experiences at the Planet Hockey Ranch. We look forward to sharing many more great times in the years to come. Thank you.

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The Watkins Family - Canton, TX

We just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we enjoyed the Planet Hockey camp last year. Justin learned a lot of new skills, and improved the ones he already had. When we got home, he tried out for a traveling team and not only made it, but was named captain of his team. The coaches told us it was because he demonstrated good leadership skills, and a very clear understanding of the game. We all feel that his experience at the Planet Hockey Ranch helped tremendously. Thank you for all you all did, and we'll see you next summer.

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Margo, Jim & Jimmy Colestock - St. Charles, MO

I hope that you don't think we are crazy coming back every year (now our 5th year!).... but Jimmy learns so much from the camp, you, your staff and the friends he makes.....all of the years have truely been wonderful...we owe it all to Planet Hockey. I personally love doing the actitivies myself... they are always so well planned out and so much fun....particularly the hikes and rafting...keeps me in shape...See you again next summer!

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Joannie Panzarella - Wauconda, IL

Hi Coach Steve, Coach Shawn and the rest of the PH Staff...

I have to tell you, William, Sweet Lou, my daughter Morgan, and myself thourghly enjoyed ourselves at Planet Hockey Ranch...What a BLAST! We've been home since Monday night and have not yet stopped talking it about it to everyone. We plan to make it a yearly trip.

You guys run an excellent program. Your coaches were all wonderful with all the kids. Again, what a BLAST we had!  See you in Milwaukee!

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Laura Reed - Englewood, CO

Liz had such a great experience at the Planet Hockey Ranch last summer -- we are doing it again this summer! 

I have been telling people that Liz's experience at the Planet Hockey Ranch changed her life -- and gave her the confidence to play better hockey, but also to get through junior high school -- which is rougher than hockey...

Thanks and see you again this summer!

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Patrick Yancy - Albuquerque, NM

Austin had a great time at the Planet Hockey Ranch last week. I know you worked him because he slept about half the way home. He made lasting memories and says he is bringing home a few tips picked up during the ice training. For me, I am glad I took the time to drive up and see the Ranch itself. We look forward to another year at the Ranch next summer. Two families from our hockey team are planning on attending next summer with Austin after hearing him talk about how much fun and hard work it was.

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Kent Blakely - Kearney, NE

My girls have benefitted so much from their experience with Planet Hockey, both at local camps and at the Planet Hockey Ranch. I noted a real positive change in self esteem, enthusiasm, and development of work ethic that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. I look forward to seeing you again this summer.

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Ansley Elwood - Longmont, CO

My experience at Planet Hockey was one of the best I'll ever have! As soon as I started bragging about it to my brothers they wanted to sign up right away. Meeting Cammi Granato was definitely the highlight of my week. 

She showed us how improve our game not only on the ice but off it as well.

I made up my mind to go back the first day I was there.

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Donna M. Erem - West Orange, NJ

Planet Hockey, I just wanted to let you know that Matthew will be joining Planet Hockey for the 3rd consecutive year this summer!

We have been involved in many different camps and in our estimation, yours is the absolute best. We believe in developing a child's character with well-rounded, balanced activities, activities which will not cause "burn out", such as more than 3-4 hrs/day on the ice, and activities that present different challenges to our children. With the diversity of activities your camp provides, such as dry land training, rafting, mountain biking, paintball, hiking, etc, your camp achieves a desired result. We have experienced numerous examples of how the activities you provide build character and self esteem, while helping to alleviate hockey 'burnout'.

The overnight trip to your private Ranch in Salida has proved to be another excellent experience for your students. It breaks up the week, allows them more fun activities (paintball, camp fires, etc) and provides a different yet positive venue for team building and building of self confidence.

My husband and I have personally observed the way your staff present themselves to the kids. They are mature (some married with kids themselves), they are responsible, and they are fun while at the same time, commanding the respect and and self-discipline that is required. They present excellent role models in a world where high values, responsibility and self discipline are too often lacking. My husband and I would welcome any of your staff in our home any time.

Matthew is looking forward to the Planet Hockey Ranch again this summer and to the trip to Sweden next summer. We can't think of a better experience for our son.

Thank you again for providing these opportunities and we will see you in Breckenridge!!!

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Chris Odate - Tokyo, Japan

I just wanted to let you know that the Planet Hockey Ranch was The high-light of my summer and that no other camp could top it. I had an awesome time and I hope that I can return next summer! I was also wondering if you guys will ever be doing a Planet Hockey Japan Tour. If you are interested, I can help you out!   Thanks for the great summer. 

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JJ & Big JJ Rogeri - Katy, Texas

JJ had an absolute ball at the Planet Hockey Ranch last week! JJ met a lot of nice boys and the staff was great. He wanted to know if he could stay another week. Thanks for taking such the interest in him...he loves the game, and you and your staff have been just phenomenal with/for him...he loves you guys! The entire Planet Hockey experience has been awesome (Houston Camps, going to Europe with TEAM Planet Hockey and now the Planet Hockey Ranch), and I mean that with all sincerity. You and your group are really great, and I have told that to you before! Keep up the great work! 

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Margo and Terran Donnelly - Flagstaff, AZ

Terran and I had a fabulous time at the parent-child camp last summer. All of the activities were such fun, and offered enough challenge for each father/mother and child to feel like they had accomplished something at the end of each day.

The coaches and "support personnel" at the Ranch were always helpful and happy, and they tried their best to make each camper's experience as good as it could be. The "on-ice" sessions were well organized, and fun, and I think that we all learned something (especially those of us who were novices to the game!)

We loved Planet Hockey Ranch, and have already recommended it to many friends. We hope to be able to return again soon. Thanks for a GREAT week!

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Tom Keresztes - Princeton, NJ

Just want to say thank you! My 12 year old son Christopher and I had a blast!
As an avid hockey player he naturally loved all the on and off ice hockey training. Plus paint ball, ice hockey, softball, and the hot springs. I liked the exercise, mountain biking, mountain hikes and streams. We ate very well and had great counselors and coaches from all over the world. The scenery was spectacular, and the other campers friendly and fun. The memories will last a lifetime. Thank you and your crew soooooo much!

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Bill, Liz, Jeff & Greg George - Shrewsbury, MA

Without question, one of the most memorable experiences of our kids' lives. Enthusiastic instruction On & Off the ice along with awesome Colorado scenery, amazing outdoor adventures all while making new friends - this is why we highly recommend the Planet Hockey Ranch!

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The Coleman Family - Plano, TX

It's great how you include the families and siblings to make it a family experience, we all loved it! Our son had a blast doing off-ice training without even realizing it! Hiking, working out and mountain biking straight up the ski slope at altitude, is certainly a great workout. The food was awesome, thanks to the cooks! The Planet Hockey Ranch is a great place to train, play hockey, have fun and be a kid (even if you are an adult)!

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Neil Scheff - Lancaster, PA

My son's week at the Planet Hockey Ranch rafting, climbing and skating probably did more for him as a person and as a hockey player than all the other camps he's ever taken. Shawn Killian's staff knows hockey. They also know kids.  His bags are already packed for next really!

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Marnix H Fruitema - Le Vesinet, France

Merci Planet Hockey.  Marc had a fantastic camp experience full of activities and positive teambuilding and personal development! Thank you for allowing my wife and I to experience the Ranch too and we can only conclude that you have a camp to be proud of! I guess you realize that your personal involvement in setting the "tone" and "character" of the camp is main reason of this success! Again, our sincere thanks for having our son!

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Diana & Jesse Bruce - Aurora, CO

Jesse has been saving every penny he gets for next year's Planet Hockey Ranch Parent/Child Camp. He said it was the best week of his life! Thanks to everyone for making a truly memorable hockey vacation. Looks like we might be back next summer!