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Terms & Conditions



Section 1. Responsibilities for Tour Plans. Planet Hockey, Inc. shall be solely responsible for making and carrying out all tour arrangements and services included in the tour package purchased by the Participant from Planet Hockey, Inc. pursuant to the terms of this contract. Such arrangements and services may include necessary program changes which Planet Hockey, Inc. shall be responsible for making to the package prior to departure due to unforeseen costs or other contingencies. The appointed tour coordinator shall be responsible for making or changing (as may be necessary) all room assignments at the designated hotel or other place of accommodation, and the tour coordinator together with the tour chaperones shall be responsible for seeing that individual participants are taking part in the scheduled tour arrangements and activities and complying with the group rules and standards which Planet Hockey, Inc. shall have the responsibility of publishing or announcing to the individual participants at or before the beginning of the tour. It shall be the right of any staff member to take whatever measures - such as obtaining medical treatment, or arranging for an individual participant’s transportation home and/or to a clinic or hospital - that he or she may deem appropriate and advisable with respect to the health and/or safety of an individual participant. Planet Hockey, Inc. and its agents are not responsible for costs incurred if these measures are taken.

Section 2. Responsibilities of Airline Travel. The responsibilities and liability of all air travel are those of the individual participants solely.  

Section 3. Responsibilities of Individual Participants. The responsibilities of the individual participants are as follows:
(a)Participants are responsible for complying with all tour rules and regulations published or announced by Planet Hockey, Inc. which may include but shall not be limited to
dress code, curfew, attendance at activities and social behavior; participants who are determined not to be in compliance with such standards by any member of the tour staff at any time shall be subject to termination without refund and shall bear their own expense of returning home from the tour.
(b)Participants are responsible at all times for adhering to the age restriction of twenty-one (21) years and older as imposed by Planet Hockey, Inc. with respect to the use and
possession of alcoholic beverages and non-prescription narcotic drugs. Any participant who is under twenty-one (21) years of age and who is found to be in violation of this restriction shall be subject to termination without refund and shall bear his or her own expense of returning home from the tour.
(c)Participants are responsible for the payment before departure of any incidental expenses which they may incur as a guest of any hotel or other accommodation at which the tour group is registered. Such expenses may include but shall not be limited to use of the telephone, room service or other services requested, personal expenses and damage to the room or items taken from the room to which the individual participant is assigned.
(d)Participants are responsible for any medical costs that they may incur at any time during the tour, including but not limited to medical care, prescriptions and transportation to a medical care facility or to an individual participant’s home; provided, however, that such costs may be covered by any health or accident insurance which the participant may choose to purchase.


Section 1. Agreement to Indemnify. The Participant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Planet Hockey, Inc. and its staff members, together with any agents thereof, from any financial liability or obligation incurred by either the Participant or any individual participant and from any injury or damage to the person or property of others which any individual participant causes or contributes to while participating in a tour sponsored by Planet Hockey, Inc.. The Participant as a party to this Contract, and each individual participant as a registered applicant for the tour, releases Planet Hockey, Inc. and its staff members, together with any agents thereof, from any and all causes of actions, claims and damages of any kind or nature whatsoever arising from any injury, loss, damage, expense, accident, delay, or other inconsistency which is in any way connected with the management or conduct of a Planet Hockey, Inc. program.

Section 2. Release from Events out of the Control of Planet Hockey, Inc. The Participant hereby releases Planet Hockey, Inc. and its staff members, together with any agents thereof, from any claims resulting from events, acts or failures to act which are out of the control of Planet Hockey, Inc. and which may include but shall not be limited to acts of God, acts of war or terrorism, restrictions imposed by a country and/or its government, and acts, non-acts or events controlled by outside organizations such as transportation companies, restaurants and hotels which may be associated with the arrangements of the tour. Planet Hockey, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any activity, without refund, due to weather. An alternate program will be attempted if possible.

Section 3. Model Release. Individual participants and parents/guardians of minor individual participants authorize, without compensation, Planet Hockey, Inc. and its contractors, agencies and representatives to copy and reproduce for the purpose of illustration, advertising, display and publication in any manner photographs taken of participants while participating in a tour arranged by Planet Hockey, Inc.

Section 4. Parental Consent. By signing this contract, each parent/guardian agrees to complete and collect parental release forms from the parent or legal guardian of all minor individual participants holding Planet Hockey, Inc. harmless. These release forms are to be made available to Planet Hockey, Inc. upon request at any time prior to, during, or after the completion of the tour.


Section 1. Deposit. Each individual participant is required to adhere to the payment terms and conditions outlined below and will be confirmed on the tour only after initial deposit is received along with signed contract.  Electric signature via online registration form constitutes legal signature.  In the event that the Participant decides to cancel the tour after the Contract is delivered to Planet Hockey, Inc., or if an individual participant cancels his or her reservation at any time prior to departure date, a minimum of $500 will be non-refundable.  Any possible refunds are dictated by the cancellation date.  No refunds will be issued for cancellations after May 1st.  

Section 2. Costs and Payment Arrangements. Payments for the cost of the tour must be made to Planet Hockey, Inc. in the following installments:

Payment #1.  (Deposit) due to confirm participation.  $500 pp.  Non-refundable.
Payment #2.  Due February 1.  $500 pp.
Payment #3.  Due March 31.  $500 pp.
Payment #4  (Final Payment) Due May 31.  All tour participants must be paid in full.
Late payments subject to a 15% late fee.  Players/families may be removed from tour participant list and all monies forfeited for late or non-payment.

Section 3. Reasons for Cancellation. The Participant shall be subject to the penalties outlined in Section 4 below in the event of cancellation.

Section 4. Terms for Cancellation. In addition to the penalties of a partial or non-refund described below, the Participant and all individual participants shall be subject upon cancellation to the particular restrictions and penalties which may be levied by any transportation company or any pre-paid events for the tour. In the event that a participant decides to cancel, notice of cancellation must be provided to Planet Hockey, Inc. in writing. Refunds shall only be provided to the Participant as follows:
(a)Individual cancellations received more than 120 days prior to the departure date of the tour will be charged a $500 non-refundable deposit fee for each tour participant plus any penalties or cancellation fees assessed by the tour vendors.
(b)Individual cancellations received between 120 and 90 days prior to the departure date of the tour will be charged a $1,000 deposit fee for each tour participant plus any penalties or cancellation fees assessed by the tour vendors.
(c)No refund will available for participant cancellations received within 90 days of the departure date of the tour.

I have read, understand and accept the above tour terms and conditions.



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