Cancellation Policy

Peace of mind in a new age of Hockey Camps

In order to provide the Planet Hockey experience the hockey world has grown to expect, we must provide our hockey families with flexibility and peace of mind during these uncertain times.  Your skill development is guaranteed and with our Tuition Protection Plan (TPP) your money is protected too.


In this new age of summer hockey camps, we want you to be fully comfortable with registering in advance for your Planet Hockey Camp. 

Currently Discounted!  Purchase our Tuition Protection Plan and receive a full refund if you need to cancel for any reason.

We guarantee a top quality hockey camp AND with our Tuition Protection Plan, we guarantee your investment is safe if you need to cancel for any reason.
Health and Safety
Ensuring a safe, healthy and exceptional camp experience is our promise to all Planet Hockey families.  We will conduct your camp in compliance with any and all city, state and local guidelines and restrictions and all necessary pre-camp information will be emailed to you prior to camp.
With our flexible registration and cancellation options, you can register in advance for the Planet Hockey Camp(s) that work best into  your summer training program.  Book your camp now with complete peace of mind.

Planet Hockey Terms and Conditions of Participation

Planet Hockey, Inc. will not assume responsibility for any injury incurred while participating in this Planet Hockey Skills Camp, both on the ice and during off ice activities. Certain risks are inherent during the participation of a hockey camp and hockey training. Nor will Planet Hockey be liable for lost or stolen items during the duration of camp. I, the undersigned for myself, my heirs and assigns, do hereby release Planet Hockey, Inc., employees, instructors, counselors and agents from any and all claims for injury, death, loss or damage I may suffer as a result of my/my child's participation in this Planet Hockey Skills Training Program. I give my permission to Planet Hockey, Inc. to use, without obligation, photographs, film footage or tape recordings, which may include my/my child's image or voice for purposes of promoting or interpreting Planet Hockey Programs.

No Cell Phone & Device Policy
At Planet Hockey, our commitment is to provide the best on and off ice camp experience possible. Key components to achieving this goal is to eliminate distractions and to ensure that all students are present, focused, engaged and contribute their unique skill-sets, experiences and energy to the camp environment. As a result, we have operated under a no cell phone policy since 2016. Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones and/or digital devices to camp. The Planet Hockey Staff expects and requires full attention and participation to maximize the camp experience and skill development. While digital devices have their value and place, such distractions greatly reduce each camper's ability to connect with fellow campers, our staff and to contribute their own unique experiences and personality to camp. The Planet Hockey Staff will confiscate any found devices until camp concludes.


If there is an unlikely reason (medical, travel, etc.) that requires a student to bring a device to camp, it must be approved by Camp Director Shawn Killian in advance. If approved, agreed upon devices will be used only during specified times and while supervised by a Planet Hockey Staff. You will assume full responsibility and liability of loss or damage to the device. Device time is solely intended for short communication. Any other use of a device during this time will lead to device confiscation until the end of camp. This policy will be strictly enforced.


  • If needed campers will be allowed to call home (typically in the evening after dinner) using a staff member phone.

  • During camp, you may contact a member of the onsite Planet Hockey Director via email:

  • Camp photos/video prior to camp, you will receive a link to view daily photos and video from camp.


Cancellations and Refunds


  1. Registration Fee and TPP (camp insurance) are non-refundable.

  2. Sportswear purchased will be deducted from amount of credit or refund issued.

  3. Tuition Protection Plan (TPP - camp insurance) may be purchased at time of registration only.

TPP Res Camps v.1.jpg

Cancellations and Refunds will be determined by the Tuition Protection Plan Options above.

  • TPP must be purchased at time of camp registration.

  • No refunds or credits issued for voluntary withdrawal, no shows, or the expulsion from camp.

  • No refunds or credits given for students who check-in and who do not finish camp, unless it is injury or sickness related with official medical documentation.

  • Credit Vouchers may be applied to any and all Planet Hockey Camps, Tours, Programs, Merchandise, Sportswear and Training Materials.

  • If Planet Hockey cancels any program for any reason, cancellations and refunds will be processed under our Tuition Protection Plan Option above.

  • Unless the Tuition Protection Plan is purchased at time of registration, Planet Hockey will not provide refunds for cancellations due to acts of God, including weather related cancellations, public health emergencies, epidemics, pandemics and cancellations due to facility complications and/or closures.

If you must cancel: Cancellations must be received via a Cancellation Request Form. Cancellation date will be determined by the date we receive your Cancellation Request Form.


Camper Conduct

We are fortunate to be hosted by The Crossover at Cedar Park and the YMCA at Twin Lakes and expect all campers to behave in an appropriate manner. 

As part of our commitment to ensure excellence both on and off the ice and our arrangement with our hosting partners, we expect that all student and staff behavior and conduct, will ensure that future Planet Hockey programs at The Crossover continue.  Throughout camp, all campers are expected to behave professionally, to adhere to all camp policies including our Cell Phone Policy, and to treat their fellow students, Crossover & YMCA staff and Planet Hockey staff with respect.  Students are expected to represent themselves and Planet Hockey with integrity, maturity and behavior consistent with achieving excellence.  Also, players will be expected to keep all personal items, sleeping area, restrooms, locker rooms and common areas clean and organized.  Prior to leaving each morning, cabins will be clean, personal items will be organized, beds will be orderly (covers pulled up and pillow in order). There will be random cabin checks. Thank you in advance for being a 'professional' and for being a huge part of ensuring an amazing Planet Hockey experience for all.

Note - Behavior contrary to the above will be dealt with swiftly, not excluding expulsion without refund.


Cancellations must be received in writing via a Cancellation Request Form The date completed Cancellation Request Form is received and whether the Tuition Protection Plan was purchased, dictates the Cancellation Policy.


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