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Stops - Knee Bend


Explosive Start Keys:  Get to where you want to go...and FAST!  This is FULL THROTTLE!  Beginning with deep knee bend and with all of your weight over the pushing foot, explode 3-4 strides to full extension, using only the first 2-3 inches of your inside edges.  Make sure to rotate your toes and knees outward to establish enough grip to support the thrust involved.  Speed is distance per stride, so always reach full extension with each stride...even the first 3-4 pushes of an Explosive Start!  Watch our step-by-step Forward Toe Start video to the right.

YOUR VIDEO!  This video was selected based on your STOPPING evaluation to help you understand a weakness that we observed. 

MORE KNEE BEND - Using our legs when stopping allows us to feel comfortable stopping at higher speeds.  You need to make sure that you are flexing your ankles forward and bending your knees to get low to have a strong stopping position.


Knee Bend

Videos highlighting PROPER Start technique and creative Start drills to help continue your skills development.

Fwd Crossover Start