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Cross Overs - Crossunder


Cross-under & Turning Keys:  Begin each push with both skates on “parallel edges” (1 inside & 1 outside edge) directly under your body with 90 degree knee bend.  Push each stride to full extension with your shoulders level.  Rotate your torso into the middle of your turn. 

STEP #1:  Stride Push
From a deep inside edge with all your body weight on it, thrust the push out from your body (to full extension), very similar to a forward stride.  This is done with the opposite foot traveling on an outside edge and with your torso twisted the direction you are intending to go.  Keep your shoulders level (do not dip your inside shoulder downward).

STEP #2:  Cross under
This is one of the most difficult hockey components to master.  Your cross under not only provides you with 1/2 of the total power when turning, but it is critical to the timing and rhythm necessary to turn (and accelerate while turning) with balance, control and speed.  Elite players can move their bodies laterally, equally well to the left and to the right.




  • Turn torso
  • Parallel Edges
  • Shoulders Level

YOUR VIDEO!  This video was selected based on your CROSSOVER evaluation to help you understand a weakness that we observed. 

CROSS UNDERS - Would really like to see you turn your cross over skating into a two push motion.  One is an extension of the outside leg, using the inside edge; the second is an extension underneath using the inside leg on the outside edge.


Videos highlighting PROPER Crossover technique and creative Crossover drills to help continue your skills development.

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