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Planet Hockey

Developmental Model


Since 1994, Planet Hockey has been the industry leader traveling the world teaching station-based skill training. Station-based training is now widely supported by research suggesting that hockey players receive significantly more personal skill development when compared to traditional, full-ice team practices.


The Planet Hockey Development Model is built upon station-based training to teach the latest techniques and systems focused on individual player development.

Our Model is specifically designed not to be age-specific, rather skill-specific. Players are placed into smaller sub-groups based on current skill level then assigned a customized instructional syllabus designed to maximize individual confidence and long-term athletic development.

Additionally, our expectations are high and we take pride in our fundamental obligation to educate, communicate with and to motivate each athlete.  We expect each player to arrive at camp mentally and physically prepared to maximize their individual skill development, to grow their love for the game and to make those around them better.

Planet Hockey will educate, motivate, support and develop players in an age-appropriate, high-energy environment that keeps them focused, entertained and passionate about what they are learning.

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