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Planet Hockey is primarily a Skills Camp for Forwards and Defensemen, however, we do offer limited 'goaltender specific' Instruction. Goalies are an important component at all Planet Hockey Skills Camps and will receive our Complete Skills Training Instruction ON and OFF the ice.

Why should a goalie attend Planet Hockey?
Goalies love Planet Hockey for three primary reasons:

  1.  Planet Hockey Staff
  2.  Skating & Puck Control instruction
  3.  Low cost

Every Goaltender will receive our Complete Skills Camp including, Skating (goaltending confidence is based on skating skill) & Puck Control (another crucial goaltending skill). Plus, in addition to a Complete Skills Training syllabus, as the Camp progresses into our FLOW & PUCK CONTROL sections, goaltenders will face various game-like situations and will receive general goaltending instruction. Goaltenders will receive work on their "angles" and positioning including body positioning and their decision making process.

Resistance Training

Our goaltending positions fill up quickly:

  1.  Goalies and their parents value our skating and puck control instruction
  2.  Low Cost - $100 Goaltender Discount (at all camps except Resident Camps)
  3.  Limited spots - we accept up to 4 goalies per group.

* Goaltenders receive a $100 discount (5 Day Camps - off of full tuition).  No other discounts apply.  $100 goaltender discount automatically applied by our online registration system. 

Since we are not a specific 'goaltending program', we offer our Goaltenders a $100 discount (automatically deducted during online registration) to all Planet Hockey Skills Camps.

Goaltending Gear

Goaltenders are required to wear their GOALIE gear throughout the entire Camp. They will see pucks each day, and more as the camp progresses.  It is amazing how well a skilled goaltender can skate and control the puck...

Set up a Private Goalie Camp or Goalie Training for your Association or Group.  
To set up a Planet Hockey Goaltending Skills Clinic:

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We look forward to seeing you at Planet Hockey.