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Planet Hockey Training Tools

Let's see what you are doing to stay in shape.  Send a link to your at home training video to and we will post it here for others to see.  Check back as our video library grows.

Skills Clip 1
posted 3/18/20 by Planet Hockey, Boulder, Colorado | Title:  Slam Dunk:

Skills Clip 2
posted 3/18/20 by Coach Martin Groma; Slovakia | Title:  Buddy Training:


Weekly Video Tip - New!

'Sneaky Pull' Move

Learn one of the hottest moves in hockey today!

- by Planet Hockey

Archived Video Tips

Tip #35

5 Awesome Stickhandling Moves
Learn 5 NHL caliber moves to win 1 on 1 battles

TIP #34

Shooting - Use your entire body
Your arms alone will not generate the power you need to score goals.

Tip #33

Power Skating - Master the Xover
Learn the steps involved with Long, Powerful crossovers

Tip #32

Stickhandling - Side Toe Drag
Develop this effective and crafty lateral reach move

Tip #31

Stickhandling - Backhand Toe Drag
Develop this effective and crafty lateral reach move

Tip #30

Stickhandling - Sick Stick Trix
Fun, creative trix to improve your hands...give it a try!

Tip #29

Skating - Forward Crossover Start
Demonstration & explanation of the 3 pushes involved & chest rotation

Tip #28

Shooting - Wrist & Backhand shot
Breakdown & visual presentation of the wrist and backhand shots

TIP #27

Stickhandling - Split Vision
Reach the puck out & in front of you for better vision, control & safety.

Tip #26

Skating - Bwds Crossunder Start
Three critical steps to explosive backwards acceleration

TIP #25

Scoring - Move the Goalie
'Drag' the puck to create a better scoring angle (BIGGER target)

TIP #24

Goaltender Tip - Move post to post
Popular post to post option for goaltenders

TIP #23

Goaltender Tip - T Push
'T Push' method of moving around your crease

Tip #22

Stickhandling - Crosby 'Lift' Move
Lift puck over opponent's stick

Tip #21

Skating - Lateral Mobility
EXPLODE laterally - power & efficiency

Tip #20

Shooting - Shooting with your head UP

Tip #19

One Timers across your body - Your 'off' side

Tip #18

Stickhandling - The importance of your top hand

Tip #17

Stickhandling - Become a threat, create REACH

Tip #16

Passing - One touch passing

Tip #15

Scoring - Open the FIVE hole

Tip #14

Passing - Master the SAUCER pass

Tip #13

Shooting - Get the puck UP in a hurry when in close to the net

Tip #12

Shooting Tips - Step by step look at the 3 steps used by top NHL snipers to beat the world's best goaltenders.

Tip # 11

Transition - Transition from forward to backwards with 3 efficient strides

Tip # 10

Shoot with your feet moving - keep your feet moving...advantage shooter!

Tip #9

Quick Shot Drill - this fun drill will teach players how to adjust their body for a quick shot

Tip #8

Loading your body to establish an Outside Edge - the optimal position to establish the dreaded Outside Edge

Tip #7

Catching a Break out pass along the boards - Learn correct body position.

Tip #6

Catching a Break out pass - Learn correct body position.

Tip #5

Catching a Pass - Learn how to correctly position your hands when receiving a pass.

Tip #4

Backwards Skating Drill - Learn an effective drill to promote correct backwards skating technique.

Tip #3

Faceoffs - Learn an effective faceoff strategy that will help you win more faceoffs.

TIP #2

Stickhandling - Learn the benefits to controling the puck on the forehand & backhand.

TIP #1

Grip - Learn the how to position your pushing foot for maximum grip.