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Skills Camp Features

Our specifically designed skills camps encourage campers to get out of their comfort zones and to embrace new movements, techniques and approaches proven to improve performance.


for power & efficiency

Speed | Power | Quickness

Agility | Lateral Mobility

Tight Turns | Crossovers

Explosive Starts and Stops

Balance | Confidence


Resistance Training

Stride Mechanics


control the play

Reach | Creativity

Power moves

Driving the net

Create time and space

Win 1 on 1 battles

Quick, soft hands

Range of motion

Command the ice

Creative moves

Protect the puck

Small area success


advance the puck

Passing techniques, mechanics

Wind-up, sweep, follow thru

Forehand & Backhand

Drop passes

One-touch passing

360 degree passing

Passing lanes

Play away from the puck

Create multiple options


become a threat

Shot Mechanics

Wrist, backhand, snap, slap

Quick release


Tips and deflections

Play around the net

Body contact | Puck protection

Support the puck carrier

1 on 1 battles

Create time and space

Offensive and defensive strategies


USA Skills Camps


Resident Super Camps


European Hockey Camps & Tours

3-5 day skills training programs with locations throughout the USA for players of all skill levels, ages 6-18.

A unique balance of innovative skills training, top International instructors, incredible locations and students from various backgrounds.

Our innovative European Hockey Camps & Tours provide skilled players, coaches and their families to enjoy rich International hockey and cultural experiences. Join us this summer in Denmark for the hockey experience of a lifetime.  2021 teams are now filling…